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Economic Times : Twin Tales - successful career and passion for art

By Yasmin Taj, ET BureauLast Updated: Jul 01, 2008


It is not easy for artists to develop their art and promote their careers. That is why most choose to pursue normal careers and let go of their artistic dreams. But some are determined to prove the concept of the proverbial starving artist wrong by daring to live their dream along with their professions. Meet Dr Anonna Guha, Sunit Sinha and Aamir Ahmed, who have successful careers and yet pursue their passion for art.

So what is it that stops artists from following their art? ���Economically, dance isn't a very feasible option. My parents always encouraged me to pursue dance, but pointed out that it cannot be a profession. Teaching dance has now become an option. But I was more interested in performing dance rather than only teaching it,��� explains Guha, adding, ���I never stopped dancing. Now I mostly teach senior students. Without my art, I wouldn't have enjoyed my profession as for me dancing is de-stressing factor. It helps me to perform better in my profession because there is no monotony.���

 So how does one manage to strike a balance between both today, when everything is highly demanding? ���Essentially on Sundays we practice for our shows, so yes, it isn't easy. Also, even though I am into marketing, my place of work also has a performing art wing, which is exciting,��� informs Guha. Talking about how she feels at the moment, Guha says, ���I have the best of both worlds, I can be creative, relax, enjoy with my dance group and at the same time do what people call the 'normal thing' ..

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